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二十年创业、二十年风雨、二十年收获、新鸿业 铸就二十年辉煌。

       新鸿业 是一个年轻而成熟、稳健而 又充满活力的企业。我们秉承“天人合一 生生不息”的企业核心价值观,聚集印 刷业最优秀的人才队伍,致力于 印刷事业的发展和创新,提供高 品质印刷消费品的增值服务。

       站在新的起跑线上,新鸿业 人将以新鸿业文化为核心理念,立足国家中部、打造一流经营实力、提升品牌,为创建 百年天蓬而努力奋斗。

Core idea  Sense of worth

Twenty years of entrepreneurship, twenty years of ups and downs, twenty years of harvest, New Only has made 20 years of brilliance.

Young but mature, dynamic but robust. New Only adheres to the core value of “Prosper in Harmony with the Nature”. We recruit the most outstanding talents in the industry, dedicate ourselves to the industrial development and innovation, our job is to comprehensively provide high-quality printing products and value-added services.

Positioning ourselves in the new starting line, New-Only-ers, cultivated by the New Only Culture and Core Value, have strived to earn a firm foothold in Central China. In the future, we will continue striving to build first-class management style, to improve brand influence, to strive for building a legacy that will last for centuries.

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